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There’s just something real sexy about turning a confident, smart woman into nothing but a puddle of needs – making sure that she’s nothing but a screaming bitch in heat after you’re through with her. Sex and Submission makes sure of that as they feature beautiful woman with a taste for domination and brutal sex. Just look at how this female submissive went from charming and confident to scared and aroused in an instant. She gets her fat bottom caned and then is fucked hard from behind. You better not miss her panting and moaning like a bitch when she was finally fucked in the ass.

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Teases are women who think that they are all powerful just because they’re pretty. Well, that’s just about to change as this tease gets some hot brutal sex after she teases two strict masters by coming out in her silky white robe. Before she even realizes what’s happening, they have their hands on her neck and forcing their cocks deep into her throat. She is then fucked from behind with her hands tied behind her back before she’s strapped to the table with her hands above her head and her legs spread wide – displaying her like some piece of furniture made just for their cocks!

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This next female slave has angel blonde hair we would have believed her to be one – except of course, no decent angel would be wearing a red hot bra and mouth fucking a huge cock like a horny slut. We’re definitely happy that Sex and Submission sent over this video of this bdsm sex as we haven’t seen a naughty slave tied to a wall for some time and this slave hanging from the wall really looked good. Of course, she looked even better when she was being forced to cum while she was strapped down and having her shaved pussy eaten!

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You are really in for a treat this time as Sex and Submission brings you two hot sex slaves who are just aching to please their strict master. We have a gorgeous curvy redhead and a naughty skinny brunette with both their hands tied behind their backs and their big breasts all rubbing against each other. Their master then has them strapped on a massage table and stuffed a double ended dildo in their pussies and told them to fuck each other good. When he saw that these two female submissives weren’t doing a good job of it – he took care of it himself in this hot bdsm sex movie.

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We don’t know why these hot female slaves always think that they could have it easy. Well, if they wanted it easy, they shouldn’t have gone to Sex and Submission for this site is all about producing genuine bdsm sex content. Just look at this female slave here who was all smiles at the start of the night but the moment she’s cuffed, bound, gagged and blindfolded; the jitters start. Her master is not going to make it easy for this sex slave and before the night is through, she’s going to be hanging from the ceiling and he’s going to be swinging her around with her hands tied behind her back so that he could really plunge into her tight hole.

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